Leaders in Transformation is a Southern California based organization that offers life-changing workshops, seminars, and graduate programs.

Leaders in Transformation is largely in part based on the work and training designed by Dr. John P. Hanley. Our work draws its content from a huge spectrum of motivation and inspirational sources: Personal grown disciplines, eastern and western philosophers and thinkers, quantum physics, and observation in human behavior. In a controlled, safe environment and a very short time frame, these key elements combine to create a powerful mirror that shows us clearly how we show up in our relationships and to the world as well as show us what has been in the way of all the things we wanted to be, do and have.

The training was first introduced in Northern California in 1974 by Dr. John P Hnley. Since that time the training with many modifications, has been continuously offered in numerous educational centers around the world. Approximately one million individuals have participated in our programs. Many tens of thousands participate every year in many parts of the world.

This training has been created with the assistance of professional philosophers and psychologists and is the most scientifically validated program of its kind. The training has proven to be a highly potent educational environment where people find themselves capable of making life altering changes in a very short period of time.

Why do graduates see results so quickly?

With powerful insight, awareness, tools, coaching, and the commitment to do so, our lives can change in an instant. Leaders in Transformation graduates create such extraordinary results quickly because our courses is actually a highly developed and proven technology.

Most of the leaning we have done in our lives have largely been through what's called "didactic leaning." Didactic is education through books, lectures, and memorization. You mostly did well in school, but if we were to ask you to name every state in the USA, there's a high chance you couldn't do it.

At Leaders in Transformation our courses are 75% experiential learning, which means you'll be fully engaged in a variety of activities and excercise that create a strong direct experience, followed by reflection and group sharing, which increases knowledge, develops your skills and creates value. Like learning how to ride a bike or swim, you can not get into the water or on a bike for years, then do it years later like you learned yesterday.

The second fact that makes our courses so unique and effective is that we hold you accountable to apply and integrate the work into your life. How many times have you gone to a seminar or workshop and been excited in the moment, then forgot about it a week later?


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