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If you could design your ideal life from relationships, career, family, body, and lifestyle of your dreams, what would that experience look and feel like? What would your life look like if you pursued your heartfelt commitments with passion and freedom? And what is stopping you from creating it in your life now?

The Basic Training is an action oriented, experiential learning program. It is an opportunity to uncover and redesign the underlying assumptions out of which you live your life such that you experience a profound shift in your ability to relate to yourself and others, empowering you to fully engage your heartfelt commitments with freedom and passion. You will see the degree to which your current thinking and behavior is (or is not) consistent with your highest aspirations and your vision for life. More Info

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Building on the self-awareness of the Basic Workshop, Advance challenges you to stretch beyond what you believe are your current limits to discover that you are capable of more than you imagine possible. The Basic gives graduates a glimpse of what life is like when you love at something close to maximum potential: The Advanced Course gives Basic graduates the chance to redesign their lives using the most powerful transformational and educational tools available today. More Info

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Legacy is where you learn to integrate the learning and tools of Basic and Advanced into your life. For more than 90 days, your life literally becomes the classroom as you receive daily personal coaching on how to create extraordinary results and achieve the goals you author on your personal legacy plan. With your team and your coach, you will bring into reality what may now seem impossible. More Info

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